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Pet & Farm Care

At The Pet Professionals, we understand the challenges with leaving for vacation. Rest assured our team has the requisite skills and knowledge for caring for your pets and livestock. Our expertise includes cows, horses, goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, and other farm animals in addition to household pets.

Drop-in Visits

This service gives comprehensive daytime basic pet care for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and exotic pets with minor household needs. Your sitter will provide all meals, bathroom breaks, or litterbox cleaning, administer routine medications, and provide playtime & social interaction. For no additional fee, your pet sitter will also water houseplants, bring in mail and newspapers, and cycle your interior lights. 

While our standard visit is 30 min, we are happy to customize a schedule that best fits your pets’ normal routine.

  • Potty break only (20 min) – $17
    This shorter visit is perfect for a quick pit stop to let your pup out to potty, shy cats who don’t always want a lot of attention, or for a small pocket pet or reptile that needs food and water only. 
    Each Additional Dog – $5
  • Standard Visit (30 min) – $21
    This is our standard visit and the one most requested by our clients. This visit provides for all standard pet needs, including meals, potty break and social play time. 
    Each Additional Dog – $5
  • Extended Visit (60 min) – $42
    Our extended visit is great for young, active dogs and playful cats who may need to get extra energy out or for pets who simply require extra attention and love while you are away. Along with all our standard provisions (meals, potty break, medications), your pet sitter will spend additional time playing with, exercising and loving on your pets to get the most out of their visit.  
    Each Additional Dog – $10


Dog Walking Visits

This service prioritizes physical exertion for energetic dogs, for either a 30- or 60-minute duration (pricing varies). Your sitter will focus on exercise for cooped-up dogs, engage in playtime with your pup in a securely fenced backyard or a leashed dog walk through your neighborhood.

  • Standard Walk (30 min) – $21
    Our standard dog walk provides for a leashed walk or backyard play and is our most requested service by our clients.
    Each additional dog – $5
  • Extended Walk (60 min) – $42
    Our extended walk provides additional time for active, high-energy dogs who may need the extra stimulation. 
    Each additional dog – $10

*Does not include replenishing dog food or household maintenance (mail, plant watering, light cycling, e.g.)


Farm Care

(Farm animals include but are not limited to:  horses, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, llama, cattle)

Our pet sitters are experienced in all farm animal care and will feed your animals, look them over for signs of illness or injury and bring them in/out of the field. Your sitter will feed grain/hay, give any medications and refill water buckets. They will do a quick perimeter check to make sure all gates and fences are in working order and locked up tight before they leave.

Visits are priced by the time it takes to accomplish all tasks so we can provide the most customized service possible. A quote will be provided once a Meet & Greet has been completed and the full scope of the care required is realized.

  • (30 min) – $24
  • (45 min) – $36
  • (60 min) – $48