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Meet Anne-Marie


Anne-Marie, Company Founder and Owner

I’m Anne-Marie Kaden, owner of The Pet Professionals and an expert in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine. I began The Pet Professionals, LLC (previously Backyards to Barns) in October of 2017after years of providing pet care for family and friends locally. A career in animal care has always been a passion of mine. My love for animal care began while growing up in Virginia, with my family breeding Rottweilers. Assisting in everyday care, veterinary needs, and delivery of new litters thrilled me. When I wasn’t taking care of a menagerie of pets (including hamsters, birds, cats, rats, snakes, and reptiles over the years), you could find me riding and showing horses on the local circuit through high school.

My BS in animal science from Virginia Tech provided a structure for what has become my life’s work. Since my early college years, I’ve worked for both small- and large-animal veterinary hospitals, growing my expertise in animal care. I have also managed private equestrian barns, taught children’s riding lessons, and worked on ranches as a wrangler and trail guide.

With my comprehensive foundation, clients can rest in my unique qualifications for caring for animals of all shapes, sizes, and needs. From nervous animals to administering oral and injectable medications, first aid, and emergency care, my team and I are able to recognize and address potential safety and health concerns long before they become urgent.

My family and I have lived in Southern Wake County since the summer of 2006, thriving to the slower pace of life. When my children were babies, I started this company by offering pet care services to friends, family, and neighbors…and have watched it flourish. A passion for high-quality pet care drives me, along with a strong sense of community. In the middle of running my business, I am thrilled to participate on numerous local boards of directors and stay active in volunteer organizations like Boy and Girl Scouts.